Dr Samantha Baron, founder and formulator of InnovaGlow.

I am a wife, mommy and business owner with a passion for skincare and science. From a young age I absolutely loved skincare and would continuously experiment with all kinds of different products and active ingredients. In my teenage years I had terrible acne and was teased at school for having “bad skin”. It was difficult to manage even with a good skincare routine.

I’ve always been an inquisitive person, researching everything I possibly can and searching for the best possible answers. I went to study further and got my Master’s in Biotechnology specializing in Biochemistry, my Doctorate in Genetics and my Masters in Business Administration. Having this background really opened my eyes into the holistic approach we need to pursue to achieve healthy skin. Yes, a good skincare routine is absolutely essential, but we also need to consider lifestyle and genetic factors.

I then had a baby and experienced additional skin concerns which were unchartered territory for me. Going through this (and I know I am not alone here), pushed me even further to research “what is healthy skin’, and discovering that there isn’t such a thing as perfect skin.

I wanted to create a brand that embodied my vision of providing great skincare to all South Africans at an affordable price. Where the brand values align inclusively with providing active skincare for all skin types and budgets. From this vision, InnovaGlow evolved and developed into something that I feel will positively affect people’s lives going forward.

There is an art to scientifically developing skincare products. Each InnovaGlow formulation takes into consideration the biology, chemistry and genetics of the skin. With each ingredient being carefully selected for its function, effectiveness, and sustainability.

I worked with some amazing people to get this brand off the ground, where they all understood and perfectly captured the brand look and feel. As a team we conceptualized and developed InnovaGlow to fulfil the mission of providing effective, affordable and simple skincare.

As a skincare enthusiast, a formulation chemist and life-long student I welcome you to the InnovaGlow brand. A company which has my heart and personifies my values.

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